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Heng Yuen Tong TCM Clinic & College
Dr. Chang Hengwei, the dean

Traditional Chinese medicine is a sword and a dragon slayer, whether you want to use Chinese medicine to kill demons (diseases), or use it to cut vegetables, it depends on your skills. With years of teaching experience, I know that many students are eager to learn, but they also have no way to turn to it. My teaching focuses on logic, systematization, and colloquialism, but I also respect the classics, and I believe that there will be a sudden enlightenment for helpless TCM students.

At present, the physical courses include "Pulse Teaching & Viscera Balancing Class" and "12 Meridian Acupuncture Class for Beginners". The registration website is as follows:

1. The third phase of Taipei Pulse Control Class:
2. Taichung Acupuncture Class:
3. Taichung Pulse Class 2024 Phase II:

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Without clinical practice, Dr. Chang Hengwei has rich clinical experience in the treatment of severe and general diseases.

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Systematic, logical and life-oriented oral teaching, with teacher-student interaction, allows you to easily learn important TCM knowledge and skills.

Watch the review repeatedly

The excellent online teaching system allows you to watch and review repeatedly and test your learning results

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Online courses can be purchased directly online, you can watch them in "My Account", and the online courses currently provided include "Practical Clinical Chinese Medicine Class", "Tongue Diagnosis Theory and Clinical Practice Class", "Teach You to Look at Palm Print Elementary Class", "Pulse Teaching & Viscera Balance Taichung Class Live Video", "12 Meridian Acupuncture Class for Beginners", welcome to learn online!

Students share their experiences

Mr. Chang's logic of Chinese medicine is very clear, and the course content of diagnosis, Chinese medicine, and acupuncture is based on it, and the reproducibility of clinical application is very high. The teacher is very good at analogy, interpreting difficult ancient texts to students in the most modern way, making the learning of Chinese medicine easier to use!

Dr. Xu Shiyun

Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The first time I took Mr. Chang's class was an acupuncture class. Since then, I have been very fond of the content and teaching methods of his courses. He particularly emphasized the holistic view of TCM, which focuses on the connection and balance between the internal organs, whether in acupuncture or internal medicine. There are also many practical exercises in the course, and the teachers are willing to share their clinical experience after class. He is a good teacher with a lot of theory and experience

He Guanlin

Intern medical student

I am a Western physician, and I have no concept of the theory of Chinese medicine at all. I signed up for Mr. Chang's course by chance. The teacher explained a series of teachings from the most basic TCM physiology (visceral elephant theory), visceral balance syndrome differentiation, pathogenesis theory (visceral syndrome differentiation) to the four diagnoses, and explained in detail, which made me a layman suddenly. The teacher's teaching is lively and lively, the words are substantial, the wonderful mouth is like a flower, the classics are quoted, and I am grateful for the teacher's teaching, which led me into the sacred hall of traditional Chinese medicine.

Dr. Wang Hanqing

Wang Hanqing, Dean of Pediatrics

Mr. Chang's TCM teaching (acupuncture or Chinese medicine) is based on the promotion of the most basic TCM theories, which does not require too many fancy techniques or tricky manipulations, but can achieve the most desired and desired effect of patients: improving physical discomfort. This is the main reason why I hope to learn the full set of theories of Mr. Chang.

Wu Jiashan

Dutch TCM student